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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  July 9, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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fox news alert. dallas mayor mike rawlings say authorities believe a 25-year-old army veteran was the lone gunman in thursday's massacre against police dismissing early reports that there may have been multiple shooters. the mayor looking to ease fears in the wake of the deadly ambush saying the city is now safe and can begin the process of healing. hello. welcome to america's election headquarters. >> we're also learning that gunman mik micahx. johnson used weapon to kill five police
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officers and wound seven others marking the deadliest day for law enforcement in this country since 9/11 itself. we go live to the dallas police department for the latest. what's going on where you are? >> reporter: we have crews everywhere. i'm actually at the crime scene in downtown dallas not far from police headquarters. this is where the shooting went down only about two blocks behind me. this is as close obviously as police are letting us get because multiple law enforcement agencies led by the fbi are back there processing what they characterize as a very elaborate and widespread, a large, large crime scene that they have to go through. city leaders in fact tell us that this swath of downtown dallas will likely be closed until wednesday while processing of the scene plays off.
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the atf has 30 agents working on the ground here from the local atf dallas office. a large part of what they're doing is trying to recover all of the shell casings and the hope is that they'll lead back to registered firearms, where they were purchased, who provided them to the shooter. was it something he got online. got on the black market. that is important. that's why those shell casings are key here. in addition to the weapons because police say so far two guns have been recovered. what they characterize as an assault style rifle, a semiautomatic, ar-15 variant of some sort and also a handgun. at the time the gunman was exchanging fire. he was also exchanging words with dallas police. in that more than two-hour long standoff that ensued in the parking garage, just back there. he told those police at that time that he had ieds or
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improvised explosive devices planted around downtown dallas. so atf has been going through and making sure that there are no explosive devices. so far nothing has been found so it proves that the suspect may have not been fully truthful with officers when he told them that. >> they've been at his house and taking stuff out of that including some bomb making material, journals and this sort of thing? what else have they found? >> reporter: he lived with his family inside a home in mesquite, texas, a suburb of dallas about 12 miles to the east of where i'm standing right now in downtown. the feds executing a search warrant there yesterday. among the items discovered by authorities, bulletproof vests, rifles, ammo, and a journal of sorts detailing combat tactics which clearly tells investigators that this was a
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calculated, well thought out attack as we've been reporting. folks living in that mesquite neighborhood say it's normally a very quiet community where neighbors know their fellow neighbor. people wave to each other when they're out in the yard getting the mail from the mailbox. nobody described anything out of the ordinary with that lone suspect or his family basically a lot of people there in shock frankly the community of dallas-ft. worth and the rest of the country for that matter still in shock. eric? >> so tragedy. so unnecessary. and just so senseless. thank you. for more on this, where the investigation is going from here, let's bring in ted williams. former homicide detective and fox news contributor. ted, let's start here. i want to get the latest from you and if you could start by telling us in which direction will local authorities take their investigation from here?
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who will they be talking to and what information will they be seeking? ted? >> what local law enforcement officers are trying to find out even though they say the shooter is a lone wolf, they want to find out if there are others involved. as you know and was just reported, the crime scene is still intact. as a matter of fact, it's frozen in time to the time of the incident. the cars are still there. the police vehicles are still there. they are looking for other -- to try to determine if there are other people involved collaterally with this hideous act. >> to that point, ted, as we just reported, dallas mayor mike rawlings is announcing that the gunman acted alone in the massacre. no other gunman. is it possible that others might be implicated?
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someone who might have seen something but didn't say something. >> absolutely. there are always those kinds of individuals that could very well be involved. we knew that he believed in the national black panther party or the new black panther party. that he believed in black nationalism. he apparently it appears from all indication was a walking time bomb waiting to go off. the incidents in baton rouge and minnesota according to authorities may have tipped the scales and set him off. they are looking all over the place. >> do you think that chief david brown of the dallas police department and local authorities there might be concerned about copycats? >> absolutely. not only are they concerned about copycats maybe in the dallas area, but i think you'll
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find that law enforcement officers all over the country are on a heightened state of alert in light of what's taken place here in dallas because there are always unfortunately sick human beings out here to act like copycats in these kind of situations. >> of course local authorities there have done a fine job protecting those protesters. at this point, what's the sense in terms of how long it's going to take authorities to get to the bottom of this investigation? >> it's going to take months probably. not weeks. not days. because there's so much that they have to try to find and try to determine within their investigation. you just said something there, law enforcement officers were out there to protect those who wanted to exercise their first amendment rights and unfortunately they wound up dying. i was just by the way this morning at the killer's home in
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mesquite, texas, and you had law enforcement officers knowing that their brethren had been shot and killed out there protecting that home. that tells you how professional law enforcement officers are. >> i asked you earlier about copycats, possible copycats there in dallas but also as you mentioned it could be something that authorities are looking out for nationwide. it strikes me that the tragedies of this past week have struck a cord at the heart of america. and it strikes me that if someone thought they could pull something off like this, i think the community would stand up. to try to stop them. >> absolutely. when you see something, we're asking that you say something. there are always walking time bombs in our communities that are waiting to go off and i think unfortunately people have remained somewhat jaded and not
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said anything. i think that's about to change. we have seen this walking time bomb come and shoot 12 people and kill five law enforcement officers all in the name of we hate white people and we specifically hate white police officers. >> so it's definitely time for a change and let's hope that we'll see that. ted williams, thank you so much. always appreciate your time and expertise. thanks, ted. >> absolutely. my pleasure unfortunately. we're now learning more about the survivors of the shooting and some of those victims as they recover at the baylor university medical center. that's just about two miles from where the shootings occurred. in addition to five officers who were gunned down, seven others and civilians, two civilians also wounded. earlier today here on fox news channel, the father of officer patrick zamarripa who survived three tours in iraq to be gunned
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down in cold blood on the streets of dallas remembered his son. >> when he told me he was going to be a police officer, i said be good. you know right from wrong. i told you what's wrong and what's right. do the right thing. >> our hearts of course go out to their family of all of the victims. we go to the baylor medical center for the latest. hi, rich. >> reporter: good afternoon. we are getting an update from the dallas area rapid transit authority and that police department. their officers were involved in the shooting on thursday night. one of their officers were killed. three were injured. now that police department is reporting to us that two of those officers have now been released and are on their way home. they were released after being treated at the hospital. one remaining officer from that police department, misty mcbride remains in treatment.
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associated press talked to her family members and friends and was shot in the abdomen and arm and suffered a broken shoulder. as a result of that, the story that her family has told the associated press is that when shots started, she was shot. she crawled underneath her car and that's when officer officer picked her up and brought her to the hospital. we're still waiting for more of an update on that front. that police department is reporting only one of its officers is still being treated in the hospital. >> that certainly is good news for the transit officers and more details about the dallas police officers? >> reporter: dallas police department we're talking about two separate police departments here, the dallas police department is not giving us any information on the status of their injured officers nor is the hospital behind me baylor medical university medical center. we are getting reporting on the ground here and people talking to some of the injured officers and some of the family members a little bit more on those
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officers. one, according to "dallas morning news" dallas police officer said "you can't do this job unless you love people. you can't do this job unless you have faith in what you're doing. and that's what hurts the most when faith dwindles and you see the bloody results through horrific acts like these. also according to "the associated press" another officer injured in this was an intern at the madison, wisconsin, police department. used her spanish language skills to work an initiative there called friends in blue for better relations there. she joined the dallas police department in 2014. still in contact with the police department and hospital trying to get an update on remainder of the officers. 12 officers were hot. five killed. seven injured and two civilians were also injured in thursday night. back to you. >> our thoughts and praise with them all.
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rich, thank you so much. police arresting more than 70 people during a protest in rochester, new york, as hundreds took part in demonstrations last night over the fatal police shootings of black men. this as black lives matter protesters took to the streets in major cities nationwide. will carr is live in our westro that. will? >> reporter: keep in mind the protest started before the attacks in dallas in response to the officer-involved shootings that we've all seen that took place in louisiana and minnesota. now, in response in the wake of dallas, the black lives matter movement did put out a statement which in part reads black activists raised a call for an end to violence and not an escalation of it. they also went on to say that the dallas shooting was a tragedy for both victims and democracy. now, in rochester, 74 were arrested.
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many surrounded officers and threw rocks in them. two reporters wound up in handcuffs though they were later released. >> justin carter being arrested. being arrested. justin. justin. i'm going to try -- that's my co-worker. justin carter. sorry. >> reporter: in arizona, protesters shutdown freeway ramps and police had to use pepper spray and tear gas. three people arrested. six injured. in atlanta, almost 10,000 protesters flooded streets. they were peaceful. no arrests and there are more protests scheduled for today and also you have to keep in mind that after the dallas attacks, attorney general loretta lynch came out and she had a message directly for protesters like we've seen. she told them not to be discouraged and certainly seems like they've taken that to heart over the past couple of days.
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police departments nationwide have been ordering police officers to ride in pairs and looking at a serious look how to do their jobs more effectively in a highly charged environment. we have viral videos and angry rhetoric that's erupted and anti-police violence reminding people of what happened in 1981. the black liberation army killing and shooting two police officers in a stream of police killings we saw during turbulent times. we have a former fbi investigator and analyst and remember them as those of us of a certain age do. the president in warsaw says we don't are riots and mass police shootings. we did have domestic terrorist attacks like a bombing at laguardia airport and others but
1:20 pm
when you see this horrible tragedy and see what's going on, it feels like we're back in turbulence of that time. >> you're right. chilling reminders of what we saw back then. i probably will tell you that policing has advanced in many ways. the other night we saw where police used technology to neutralize the suspect as quickly as they can. realize today in this changing environment particularly in light of what we saw in orlando and elsewhere, you need to act quickly. in the case in dallas, they used a robot to bring in an explosive device to neutralize the suspect before he could harm anyone else. >> i can tell you were in law enforcement when you say you neutralize the suspect. they blew him up. they blew him up so he wouldn't kill anybody else because it was too dangerous to go in with a
1:21 pm
s.w.a.t. team. a deranged maniac who took the law into his own hands on the street of an american city. >> you're right. certainly that's kind of what they need to do and they will continue to do that whatever it takes to keep public and themselves safe as they go through these very changing scenes with regard to the tactics people are using. i think many of these people are now seeing things, this individual had some training. he spent time in the military. we're seeing other people who picked up other techniques by what they watch on tv, what propaganda is over the internet and techniques reserved to people in military law enfor enforceme enforcement. it takes more in the way of training, expertise and split decision making on behalf of police. >> what does law enforcement do?
1:22 pm
>> i think what we've seen the great thing is that law enforcement since the time of the '60s and '70s as you pointed out really the advances in training, first of all selection. the people who are being selected to be police officers today are not just people who show up who fill out the application. they go through a lot of training. a lot of vetting. a lot of then further training as they go through tactical elements of how to deal with crowds and deal with situations like this where there are hostage takers or shooters. i think we're advancing in that regard. it shows you how vulnerable and really how the safety of the police officers is so important because they are so vulnerable out there when they provide protection for people who are in fact protesting against some of the things that they've done. we have to give them tremendous credit. they are citizens like all of us. they're selected to do this. not people who have been appointed or grown up in some class of people who are police officers.
1:23 pm
they have signed up for this. they are citizens who are p protecting all of us. >> when shooting break out, they ran toward the shooter. something else there wasn't in the '60s. you had the black liberation army and all that but they didn't have the internet. there's a group called african-american defense league that apparently on instagram after this is calling to kill all of the white police officers all over the country and this guy is calling for gangs to do this and this sort of thing. how do you pull the plug on that? it used to be in order to be radicalized you would go to a meeting maybe or get a pamphlet on the street or now you just click on a link and you are part of the movement. >> it's one of the challenges that fbi director comey said is
1:24 pm
out there. as soon as they take a site down, another one pops up. we talk about radical groups like isis and at any one point there were tens of thousands of points of contact which they could use to reach out to people. constantly changing. when they take one down, they pop up again. we have to stay on top of that. we have to stay on top of tactics and techniques to identify people before they carry out acts and then minimize exposure. what police did in dallas under extreme circumstances not knowing where the next shot is coming from and not knowing this was the only shooter. i think they acted heroically protecting those people as they were running away police were running toward the scene. more police officers were dying. >> we had this terrific challenge obviously radicalization not just limited to radical islamic terror of isis but also others here at
1:25 pm
home. bill, we thank you, as always, for your insight. dallas skyline was bathed in blue last night in support of officers killed and wounded in thursday's ambush. the omni hotel lit up in honor of the shooting victims showing a message of one dallas. several other skyscrapers also lit in blue. >> also we're hearing some people are putting blue lights on their porches to show support and solidarity of police officers. >> dallas has definitely come together in the wake of this week's tragedies. >> may we all. >> may we all. there's new information about just how the shooter may have prepared for his deadly rampage. what police say they found when they searched the gunman's home as the dallas police chief demanding an end to the violence between police and civilians. we'll talk to a judge about what the department has already done to make peace in the community. managing my diabetes has been a struggle.
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we're learning more about domestic terrorists who committed his unspeakable carnage on the streets of an american city shocking our nation and causing many this weekend to ask and wonder what we can do. police say that 25-year-old micah x. johnson saying that he had materials in his home to make bombs. he's the only shooter in the attack. he used a move and shoot combat technique during his attack. we get the latest on the ongoing investigation. rick, what are we learning more about what they found in johnson's home? >> reporter: it's an important point that you make. during the chaos of the shooting on thursday night, they believe there could have been multiple gunmen because of the shots fired and the way he was moving from place to place.
1:31 pm
they now believe that micah johnson was the lone gunman in this attack and they found evidence inside his homes. this m inside his home that he shared with his mother, authorities say they found ammo and rifles, ballistic vests and bomb making materials and a journal filled with combat tactics on how to -- >> we lost rick on the satellite for a moment. would tell see if that live shot is okay. we've had a cou from dallas. we'll get back to rick as soon as we can dial him back in. >> meanwhile, leaders in dallas calling for unity after thursday night's attack. the city's police chief recently making an effort to improve the relationship between officers and the community with police-involved shootings there on the decline over the last several years before this week's tragedy.
1:32 pm
joining me now to discuss all of this is a former police officer and a florida circuit court judge. judge, we normally talk to you as a judge. i want to talk to you first as a former police officer. i want to know if you can give us a sense of what's going on in the minds of police officers in dallas as well as across the country. >> fear. if you have gotten to the point where anybody is going to grab a rifle and climb on a building and start shooting police officers at random, you know, there's not really a lot you can do to defend against that. just like there wouldn't be a lot you could do if someone climbed a tower and started shooting at civilians. so, yeah, they are particularly standing out as targets because they're in uniform. they're in marked police cars. and if you have somebody out there who has a deep seeded hatred and is willing to die, there's not a lot you can do. so they're doing what they can. they are traveling in pairs.
1:33 pm
that helps against for example the gunman in new york that ran up to a police car and started shooting inside. it's a very bad time for police officers right now and the way it's going, i'm not sure why anyone would choose that as their career. >> that's exactly where i was going to go next. how might the headlines in the past year affect police recruitment? >> in a horrible way. you know, obviously the community in general most of the communities are behind police officers. there's been a growing narrative out there, not on all networks but i comment
1:34 pm
1:35 pm
1:36 pm
to start working toward healing and let's not keep pointing fingers. >> i understand that. what i'm saying is that we have unrealistic expectations of police officers. if a police officer -- there are certainly police officers who act inappropriately. you had the police officer in north carolina shooting the man in the back as he was running away. of course that's inappropriate. i think that's probably a murder charge if it hasn't already been filed. i didn't follow the case. you'll have police officers who do improper things but to malign all police officers and sentiment you get from some of the network coverage out there -- >> i'm saying to your point, i
1:37 pm
think the horrible situation that happened, the massacre of those officers and that d.a.r.t. officer in dallas is making the community, we as a community, wake up and not malign each other and let's talk about cohesiveness. that's why i want to kind of get away from pointing fingers at who is inciting what. that won't help anything. i ask you because you're a prominent person with a big voice and a major platform to kind of work in that direction and move forward. >> some things that could be done have been done. dallas is a good example of that. their new chief came in and he instituted training for the officers on de-escalation tactic to bring people off the ledge so you don't have to use force. relations between police and community in dallas has improved
1:38 pm
dramatically. when you have community policing and you have a police department that is so diversified like nypd is and dallas is, so they have done all of the right things and relations between the police and the public have improved dramatically. but if you have somebody out there stoking the fires, you're going to have somebody like this who snaps and does something horrible. we need to all be conscious about that. >> i agree. that's my point. let's not stoke the fires. we do applaud our police officers out there. we do pray for the victims across the board. judge, i thank you very much, sir. >> thank you. a moment ago we had technical bugs with rick. he joins us now from the streets of dallas. you've been out there. how is the community coping? how are people doing now in the afterma aftermath of this horrible tragedy? >> reporter: we're in front of dallas police headquarters. it's remarkable on a day where the heat index tops 100 degrees, you have a steady stream of
1:39 pm
visitors here to pay their respects and tributes to the four dallas officers and one d.a.r.t. officer shot and assassinated on thursday night. there's a remarkable display of affection here outside of the police headquarters that you can see. two police cruisers parked here that are literally covered and surrounded with flowers and candles, stuffed animals and signs. all in support of michael krol, lorne ahrens, mike smith, patrick zamarripa and brent thompson. thompson's body is being moved this afternoon from the medical examiner's office and police asked citizens to show their respect and support by lining the route that will be used to transport his body. it will be in a hearse with a
1:40 pm
police escort. the community showing support in numerous ways. in one way by coming here to dallas police headquarters to leave flowers and pay their respects. >> a poignant outpouring of tribute and honor to those who sacrifice their lives so sadly there. rick, thank you. hillary clinton, donald trump, they have both now reacted to this massacre in dallas. how this unprecedented attack is now changing the conversation on the campaign trail. >> we do need police and criminal justice reforms to save lives and make sure all americans are treated equally and right and dignity. high sch, learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear
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campaign events this weekend following the shocking attack against police in dallas. both echoing words of the dallas police chief that called for unity in the hatred we saw unleashed from micah johnson. >> dallas officers are hurting. our profession is hurting. we are heartbroken. all i know is this must stop. this divisiveness between our police and our citizens. >> joining us now are two fox news contributors. tammy, in the words of chief brown, this divisiveness between public and police officers must stop. all of this must stop. how can that be? >> it's interesting. chief brown is a man who is actually implemented a policy that has helped it stop in dallas ironically enough in that
1:46 pm
he applied a de-escalation process that changed the way the police interacted with everyone in every community and the number of complaints of police using excessive force plunged from really hundreds to double digits maybe, 12 or 18 from 150. so they've had real success over the last five to seven years. and this is something that again everybody can talk about things. everyone can say it but chief brown has done it. they've done a lot of talking. a lot of maneuvering. they don't want to let a good crisis go to waste. i think the american people are tired of things like this being used for political narratives. we want real solutions. >> what about that reference to the way politicians deal with this? >> you know who has been great on this? i want to compliment newt gingrich. maybe you haven't always
1:47 pm
recognized what it's like for a white person to know what it's like to be black to come from newt gingrich was a wonderful comment. you have certain people like sarah palin trying to whitesplain calling it a farce and attacking an organization even though black lives matter came out with a statement to condemn what happened in dallas. to condemn a group that stands up for african-americans in light of them being attacked is toxic and should not be happening. >> the president said we're not as divisive as some suggest. that's a clear reference to donald trump. how do we bridge this? when you have the protests out in the streets with legitimate purposes and yet you have someone like this who is demented and takes it -- >> you do what newt gingrich is doing and not like donald trump calling for things -- when he says words for law and order, that's a code phrase.
1:48 pm
that meant keep blacks in their place. >> doesn't it mean law and order that you don't have massive shooting and rioting? >> i know on the surface that's what some people see it as but to african-american community, it harkens back civil rights era with a different code meaning to a lot of people. >> let's look at what happened in dallas. you had a march of people working together against racism and violence and the people of color put at risk because of the shooting. people of color who are being protected by police officers so they could speak up. this put the entire community at risk. i think that nobody is thinking of richard nixon when we talk about the nature of what's happening in the community. and here's part of the problem. even hillary clinton and others who have been part of the problem telling us to search our souls when it is their policies that created such a dynamic that you have these issues that they prefer to have americans divided against each other instead of
1:49 pm
saying and looking at what policies have created such unemployment and hopelessness and this is what they want the distraction from and this is what continues the problem. we never addressed the real issue, which are political policies that are destroying in particular communities of color. >> the minority community is impacted the most by crime and by these murders. look at what's happening in chicago and elsewhere. >> you can't compare. what's happening in chicago is black on black is often the phrase. that's gang violence. when you have police officers, most of whom by the way obviously 99% do their job and as obama says want to go home at night. when a police officer who is a peace officer's job is to protect the community and perception is that's not what they're doing, that's for gang on gang violence. >> can that be solved? can that perception be solved? >> i hope we can make progress going forward by the kind of healing words i was alluding to earlier. >> here's the other issue. is social media -- you have
1:50 pm
videotape, sometimes out of context, that feed into this. i think that we have to realize that there's larger narrative and larger issue that affects all of us together and to stop being used like dirty dish of us together and to be stopped being used like dirty dish rags by politics in this country. >> we're in a new aa when we're dealing with social media and it's troubling indeed. what would driver the dallas gunman to commit such a horrific crime and police in minnesota launching an investigation into the shooting death of the black man there. >> people have been getting shot all over the world and i don't think there's any correlation of what happened here in minnesota to what happened in dallas. things have been happening all over the world and it's got to stop. max and i just discovered
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new information about what may have led up to a deadly police involved shooting in minnesota. after philando castile died after being shot by a police officer during a traffic stop this week. we're live in minneapolis with more on this investigation.
1:55 pm
>> reporter: we're in a park right now where a planned black lives matter protest is to begin any minute. we are following them on social media and from experience covering protests in chicago when protesters use that hashtag they mean it so we're going to keep our eye on the crowds. we're learning new information today, more from the officer as side. so far we've only heard from the victim's girlfriend. we spoke to an attorney earlier today and he tells us that the officer responded to a visible gun and looking at the freeze frames of facebook video that has gone viral it appears to show what could be a gun on his lap and he did not comply with a do not move warning. we've also learned the officer is mexican, not asian as the woman has described to date. the attorney for the officer also tells us that he pulled castile over that day because he believed castile fit the
1:56 pm
description of a wanted armed robber from days prior and that is a legal and standard investigatory stop and there's audio recordings that we have heard and we're trying to confirm they have authentic where the officer notifies dispatch that he was pulling the car over because it fit the description of the wanted armed robber. we were at the governor's mansion where protests are going on day three. police say they've had rocks thrown at them and a police car destroyed and businesses advanc vandali vandalized. they're awe're of protesters intention to shut down an express way tonight. and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for.
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the country realize from the horrific and tragic loss. vigils are being held nationwide honoring the police officers who gave their lives to protect the people of dallas. we're looking at the hears that holds the body of one of those who gave his life. brent thompson. he was 43 years old. he was the first officer killed from the dallas area transit system. he was a seven year veteran of the force. he was married only two weeks ago. his body being transferred from dallas downtown to his


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